NFT+DeFi, New Exploration Brought by OORT Digital

Do I have to spend money to buy an NFT if I want to “own” it?
This is a word I often say to friends around me who like to collect various NFTs after contacting OORT Digital.

OORT Digital

Man, can I borrow your NFT? On the basis of not changing the ownership, I am willing to pay you some commissions for this, and you can also bring about long-term growth in the value of assets (NFTs) because of my borrowing behavior.
I think many people can’t refuse this kind of request, because the reality is that most of the NFTs owned by most people are useless except sleeping in their wallets.
If you agree with this point of view, then come to OORT Digital, where you can earn passive income and considerable commissions by renting out your own NFT. A one-stop service platform in the NFT world, seamlessly docking your NFT assets, maximizing the value of NFT assets, this is the vision of OORT Digital.
Personally, OORT Digital is an exciting project. It has completely changed my understanding of traditional NFTs. It allows me to spend a small amount of money to get a favorite but expensive NFT “ownership”, although this is Short-term, but met my wish. At the same time, I am also willing to rent out my collection of NFTs through OORT Digital. What a cool thing!
This is an innovation for the encryption industry, because OORT Digital is a combination of DeFi and NFT. OORT Digital focuses on the leasing of NFT assets, which is essentially the same as the traditional DeFi “lending” concept. The benefits of this are as follows: 1. Reduce the idle rate of NFT assets, so that it can not depreciate, and even increase in long-term. 2. Lowering the barriers to entry in the NFT field, allowing more people to participate in it, which is of great significance to the development of the entire NFT economy and community. 3. Enhance the playability, plasticity and growth of NFT.

NFT Economic

Light and darkness always go hand in hand. OORT Digital has brought new ways of playing NFT and created a prosperous NFT market economy, which is bound to attract the attention of speculators and form potential risks. For example, using multiple accounts and multiple IPs to fake lending behavior to obtain passive income, which will have a serious impact on the stability of the market and the experience of players.
Therefore, it is necessary for OORT Digital to establish a complete prevention mechanism at the early stage to limit possible dark attacks and ensure healthy market development and a good player experience. This is the basis for OORT Digital’s long-term development.
Finally, from mission1 to mission 10, I am very eager to get my own hero, and after the official launch, I can train and train him from 0 to create more and more value. This sense of accomplishment is irreplaceable.
So, what OORT Digital has to do is to find more players like me, then gather them and go further together, even if they were speculators before.